We Build Websites For Landscapers

For your landscaping or gardening business to grow, you have to keep bringing in new customers. You have to go where the customers are if you want your marketing plan to succeed. Right now, one of the best locations for finding clients is the internet. Many of your customers research products and services online before they ever go to a brick-and-mortar store. By creating a business website, you make sure that clients can find and research your business online.


How Your Website Markets Your Company

Your clients are online, so you need an online presence if you want to reach out to them. A website can also be a more effective marketing tool than paying for traditional advertisements. Unlike an advertisement, your website appears in search engine results for free. When it is designed with Google-friendly content, it ends up ranking higher in search engine results so that potential clients can see your site. Whether you are working, asleep or on vacation, your site will appear in the search results 24/7.

Your Customers

Customers like being able to research a company online. They want to see examples of your work, learn about your services and read through your customer testimonials. Today, most people think online reviews are just as valuable as a referral from a friend or family member. By adding customer testimonials to your website, you demonstrate social proof that your company is the right choice.


Choosing the Right Photos

Your first step is to pick out the perfect photos. Look at your past projects for gorgeous, stunning examples of your work. People process visual images far faster than just text, so pictures are one of he best ways to show off your capabilities. On a Mettrr website, these pictures can be compiled on the gallery page so that your visitors can see exactly what your company can do.


Easy Layouts

You want your customers to discover your services and hire you right away. If they have to waste time searching through different pages to find information, they might give up and move on to the next website. Your navigation is like stepping stones for your site's visitors to follow. This navigation needs to be easy and intuitive so that your clients can quickly find what they are looking for.


Getting the Right Content

You also need Google-friendly content so that your site ranks well. Your content helps clients figure out what you do and the types of services you offer. Mettrr designs the Google-friendly content for you, so your page is able to rank higher in the search engines.

In addition, you need to make sure that your site includes location information and contact details. A Google Maps location marker helps clients immediately find your physical company. Meanwhile, a description of your services area helps the search engines figure out your location for the search results. Your contact details are important because they help clients contact you for additional information and services.

Getting a landscaping website does not have to be difficult. Mettrr focuses entirely on developing small business websites. After a 15- to 20-minute consultation, our team can have a professional, Google-friendly website ready in under 48 hours. As a result, you get the intuitive navigation, gallery images and location markers you need to market your business online.