Q: How Can I Save Money on Building a Website?

There are a few ways to save money on building your website. Some companies choose to go the DIY route or use a DIY template. Smart businesses use a do-it-for-me company to get a quality design for a low price instead of a DIY builder.

Other companies try to use a build-your-own website platform, but this option will still have hosting and domain costs like the other options. You save money on the design because you can use drag-and-drop features to create the site. While this option is low-cost, it lacks some of the features and tools that a professional website has. In addition, it can be a hassle for new users to figure out how to use these systems. When you need to make an update, you have to spend hours researching the right way to adjust your core pages.

Roughly 26 percent of websites are powered by WordPress, but this might not be the best option for every company.

With a DIY site, you start out paying about £3 for your domain name and hosting. For a more complex site, you can end up paying about £1,000 per year. If you want a unique site with customised features, you will end up paying £4,000 to £10,000 for a designer to make the changes. Even if you choose to go for a very basic DIY site, you will still end up wasting countless hours figuring out how to make a professional-looking site.

What About a Do-It-for-Me Site?

For many businesses, the most cost-effective option is a do-it-for-me site. With this option, the cost to build a website is as low as £34.99 a month or £300 per year. You only have to spend 20 to 30 minutes on the phone for the initial consultation.

After that, the design team creates your business site with a professional email address, unlimited updates, built-in contact forms, Google Maps location information, your domain and Google-optimized content. Plus, you get hassle-free edits and updates whenever you need them. With no upfront cost to build the website and a low ongoing cost, a do-it-for-me site is one of the best options for small businesses.