Q: How Long Does It Take to Create a Business Website?

You are ready to take your company online and reach out to new clients. The only problem is that you haven't quite figured out the timeline yet. You want to have your business website online as soon as possible, but how long does it take to create a business website? The exact answer will depend on the complexity of the site you want and how you end up designing it.

Technology constantly changes, so even businesses that already have websites may want to design a new site. To make sure that your website is prepared in time, make sure to ask your web designer a few questions before you hire them.

How long will it take to prepare a website for review? If the designer has experience building a website, they will have a general idea about how long the project will last. There might be hiccups along the way, but a good designer can always give you an estimate.

When can they start creating the business website? Web designers and agencies have to take on multiple clients to earn their revenue. If the web designer is in demand, they might have several other projects to complete before they start on yours.

Make sure you know where you are on the list before you hire a designer.

When will you be able to launch the site? After the review, you may still need additional updates and revisions. It might be easier to just give the web designer the timeline you need and then ask if they can make that deadline.

What Is the Typical Timeline for Creating a Business Website?

The actual timeline for your business website depends on who you hire to build it. If you are familiar with DIY platforms, you could set up a basic website in just a couple of days. When you hire a website designer for a more in-depth, complicated site, the timeline will naturally be longer. As a site becomes more customised and more complex, it takes longer to make.

In general, the discovery phase will take about two weeks. During this phase, the web designer works to figure out what your business needs and how to meet those specific objectives. The web designer will create a sitemap of your content and figure out the kinds of features that you want. Then, this information is returned to you for any revisions. Normally, client revisions will take about a week.

Next, the web designer will spend about six weeks on the design phase. In this phase, the designer shows a mock up of what your pages will actually look like with pictures of the website. The design phase can take a longer or shorter amount of time depending on the number of client revisions and the complexity of the site.

After the right design is figured out, the development phase can begin. This phase can vary between designers, but it normally takes about three weeks. Once the website is developed, there is a three-week period for any modifications that the client needs. When the finished website is absolutely perfect, there will be a few extra days spent on migrating the site and launching it. In total, this works out to about 14 to 15 weeks. If you need a complex site and have to hire a web designer or an agency, you can expect it to take around four months to complete your website. If there are other clients waiting ahead of you in line, then it could take longer than that.

Is There a Way to Speed Things Up?

There are definitely a few things that can speed up the process. As you noticed in the timeline, each phase involved client input. If you are able to review the changes quickly, you can get rid of several weeks of review time. When you know that the web designer is sending you something to review, set aside time in your schedule to cheque out the new designs and approve them.

You can also speed everything up by being prepared. Websites need content to launch, so make sure that your team has finished the copywriting as soon as possible. If you already have the content prepared, the web designer does not have to wait for it when your site is ready to go.

Are There Faster Alternatives?

There are definitely faster alternatives out there. If you are tech savvy and know how to use platforms like WordPress, you can have a site online within a few days. This is not the right option for everyone though. WordPress takes time to figure out, and there is a tendency for these sites to look like cookie-cutter versions of each other. In addition, the WordPress site might not be able to have the functionality and features that you need.

Another alternative that clients can use is a do-it-for-me (DIFM) website company. Instead of having to design the site yourself or wait for four months for a designer to do it, you get the website you need in just 48 hours. This option is also much cheaper than a web designer.

With a (DIFM) website, you spend about 20 to 30 minutes on the phone with the design company. You discuss your business and some of the things you want with your site. Afterward, the design team immediately builds a unique business website in less than two days. You can also get unlimited updates and revisions for free, so this is a cost-effective way to build and change your website.

Planning to Create a Business Website

How long it takes to create a business website depends on how you do it, who you hire and the number of changes you need. A web designer will generally spend about 14 weeks on a website after they finish any other projects that they were already working on. Meanwhile, a DIFM site takes just 48 hours. By being prepared at each stage of the process, you can speed up the timeline for creating a business website.

Discovering the Best Website Builder for Small Business Owners

Most customers research a company online before they ever buy a product or visit the brick-and-mortar storefront. It turns out that less than 10 percent of customers discover a new company by walking into the store. In most cases, customers look for a company or a type of product online before they decide where they want to shop.