Q: The Cost of a Small Business Website

A small business needs more than just a basic website, so the costs are a bit higher. Typically, small businesses need features like Google Maps integration, social media options and a content management system. To make sure that you can reach all of your clients, you need a site that is designed for standard and mobile devices.

For this type of website, you can expect to pay:

Domain: £2.99 to £100 per year Design: £500 to £1,000 Content Updates: £0 to £30 per month Hosting: £3 to £45 per month

This means that you will end up paying £502.99 to £1,100 in upfront costs as well as £3 to £75 in ongoing costs per month. The cost to build a website for your company depends on the functionality you need and the design company you use. You want a design company that has experience in working with small businesses so that your site actually garners visitors and potential clients.