Q: What Does It Cost to Build a Website?

A standard ecommerce website can be costly to set up. The price depends on the number of products, the features and the quality of the website. If you want an ecommerce design, you can expect to pay for features like delivery tracking, live chat and an order management system. In total, this website can cost £1,017.99 to £2,850 in upfront costs.

This upfront cost includes £1,000 to £2,500 for the design, but other upfront costs will end up recurring each month or year. Every year, you can expect to pay £2.99 to £100 for a domain and £15 to £250 for an SSL certificate. Content updates will cost around £0 to £60 per month, and hosting will cost £10 to £350 per month.

Your total ongoing costs will be about £10 to £410 per month.

If you are running an ecommerce site, you will definitely want to have an SSL certificate. This certificate shows visitors that your site is secure, so they can buy products without worrying about their financial data being compromised.

What About a Basic Website?

If you only want an online presence through a basic website, then you can save some money on creating your website. Your site will not need the added functionality and product pages that an ecommerce site requires. Still, the prices can quickly add up. You can expect to pay:

Domain: £2.99 to £100 per year Design: £200 to £500 Content updates: £0 to £10 per month Hosting: £3 to £45 per month

This works out to £202.99 to £600 in upfront costs. Your ongoing website costs will add up to £3 to £55 per month. The total cost depends on the functionality you need, the size of your site and who you hire. To make sure that you are quoted an accurate price, make sure to be detailed in describing what you want when you ask for the quote.