We Make Websites For Builders

Whether you are a contractor for commercial or residential properties, you need the right website to reach out to potential customers. Your business is unique, so you need a website to match. Unfortunately, most builders do not have time to design their own site. It can take years of training to learn how to program a website. Luckily, the right do-it-for-me (DIFM) website builder can help you create the right site without doing any of the work.


The online world is only going to continue to grow. Now, most clients go online to research a company or a product before they ever buy from the business. By getting your company online, you can reach out to these potential consumers. It helps you market directly to clients and can be integrated into your social media marketing approach.

What Does a Builder Need in a Website?

A builder needs more than just a cookie-cutter template or a web 2.0 design. With the right website builder, you can create unique, visually appealing designs that turn casual visitors into clients. Your website reflects who you are as a business and the services you have to offer. It needs to look professional so that your brand appears credible to website visitors.

The typical builder needs a site that can showcase different examples of their work. For most builders, this showcase will be on the gallery page. On this page, you can show off examples of your favorite homes and top construction projects. The gallery page serves as a visual testimonial of the work that you can do. When clients see what you are capable of, they are more likely to hire you. Plus, they will be able to get new ideas for their own project.

A website is also a key tool for getting potential leads. A contact form allows clients to reach out to you via email, phone or an online form. With the right website builder, you can also get tools like Google Maps location markers. This type of tool helps to show potential clients where you are located so that they can easily show up at your brick-and-mortar storefront.

In the services section, you can showcase the different types of construction projects or building options you offer for clients. This helps clients know right away if you offer what they need and if the price is right. If they like the pictures in your gallery and your customer testimonials, they will want to use your services for their next project.


Getting a Website the Mettrr Way

Mettrr CEO Sebastian Lewis is familiar with the struggles and needs of small business owners. His father was a wall and floor tiler. Years ago, his dad wanted help designing a cheap, professional site. At the time, website designers charged thousands of dollars. A cookie-cutter website builder created blog-like sites that looked unprofessional. Lewis quickly realized that no one was helping small businesses get the websites that they needed. With this in mind, he created Mettrr with a DIFM approach to websites.

As a small business owner, you know how valuable your time is. With Mettr, you get the website you want without the time commitment. You spend just 15 to 20 minutes on the phone. Once we know a little about your business, we are able to create a website that caters to your services, industry and clientele. We take the hassle and pressure out of designing small business websites by handling all of the design, formatting and content details for you.