We Build Websites for Kitchen Fitters


When it comes to kitchen designs, a picture is worth a 1,000 words. As soon as a customer sees an amazing, modern kitchen, they immediately start thinking about how their kitchen can be redone. As a kitchen fitter, your goal is to place these photos in front of your prospective customers. You want to show exactly what your company is capable of doing. A website is one of the easiest ways to make that goal possible.


Most people look up companies and products online before they ever make a single purchase. The majority of consumers also trust online testimonials as much as they trust a referral from a friend or a family member. As a kitchen fitter, you can capitalise on this trend by making a website.

With the right website, you can show off gorgeous images of the kitchens you have renovated, designed and updated. You can place your photos directly in the hands of prospective clients. If your website has Google-friendly content, prospective buyers will see it in the search results. As they browse the internet on their mobile device, they can cheque out all of your services, past projects and customer testimonials.


Your website is a key marketing tool. It helps you market directly to the client without needing a middleman. Once a client discovers your website, they can use your contact details to call or email your company. If you have location details on your page, your prospective clients can also locate your shop and come in to talk about what they need.


Mettrr: Catering to Small Businesses Everywhere

Small businesses require a certain type of website. Many small business owners are operating on a limited marketing budget, so they need a website that looks professional without wasting extra money on a high-priced designer. Mettrr was designed to meet the needs of small businesses everywhere through fast, simple services and professional-quality sites.


The entire process starts with just 15 to 20 minutes on the phone. Once Mettrr knows a little about your business, we are able to make a website for you in under 48 hours. The idea for this simple, quick process began with CEO Sebastian Lewis. Years ago, his father needed a website for his wall and floor tiling company. As Lewis built the website, he realise that no one was designing sites exclusively for small businesses.


The solution to that problem led to Mettrr. Now, small businesses can get do-it-for-me (DIFM) website services without having to put in any effort. Each website is designed to meet the needs of small businesses through professional services, contact, gallery and about us pages. Once your website is built, you can enjoy having unlimited changes, updates and revisions.


As a kitchen fitter, your business relies entirely on making a stunning visual impression. Your website is just the first step in making the right impression with your clients. Once your prospective customers visit your site, they can look through photos of your past projects on your gallery page. They can cheque out your services and customer testimonials to see if your company matches up to what they need. With Google-friendly content and a clear-cut layout, these websites are designed to leave a lasting first impression with potential buyers.