We Build Websites For Painters & Decorators

Painters and decorators need an online platform for showing off their best work. Clients want to see what the painter is capable of before they hire them. An online website allows painters to show past projects, services and important information about their business.


While the industry has repeat clients, it can take years before a client wants to change their home or office again. To earn a stable income, painters and decorators need to have an ongoing stream of new clients. In the past, many businesses relied on word-of-mouth referrals and traditional marketing to get new clients. Now, the internet has made it even easier to reach out to prospective customers.

Most consumers use the internet to research a product or a service before they actually visit the shop. Because of this, smart businesses are quickly transitioning to the online world. A website allows you to showcase your best work and reach out directly to the consumer.

For small businesses, a website offers another unique feature. When you have a website, you are able to organically bring in site visitors through the search results. If your website has a higher search engine ranking, you will get more website traffic without having to spend any money on marketing. Your website can also be linked to your social media accounts for a cohesive marketing strategy.


How Mettrr Can Help

You have spent years learning the ins and outs of your industry. While you are an expert in your field, you most likely never needed to design a website before. Mettrr's goal is to help small businesses create professional sites in 48 hours.

The entire process started when CEO Sebastian Lewis made a website for his father. As he built the site, he realise that no one was offering the types of services and prices that small businesses needed. After finishing his father's site, Lewis created Mettrr to help small businesses everywhere succeed in an online environment.

A Mettrr website requires very little effort or time on your part. Your only time commitment is a 15- to 20-minute call about your company's details and needs. Once the call is finished, you get the first draught of the website in 48 hours. We have experience working with painting and decorating businesses, so we are able to design a website that matches your industry's unique needs.

In your industry, looks matter. You need a website that looks professional and visually appealing, but you also need a way to showcase examples of your work. A Mettrr website allows you create a gallery with images of your best projects. Prospective clients can look through these images to see if you offer the right kinds of services and results. They can also cheque out customer testimonials on your site to see what other customers thought about your business.

For you to succeed as a business, you need to reach out to new clients and show customers what you have to offer. A website helps you locate all of the online clients that you are currently missing out on. From descriptions of your service area to Google-friendly content, your Mettrr site can help you grow your online presence and business revenues.