We Build Websites For Property Managers

No one hires a property manager because they want to do more work. A property manager is there to handle maintenance, repairs and locating new tenants. Landlords look for a talented property management team because they want to enjoy a passive income stream without all of the hassle associated with vetting tenants, repairing the property and performing routine maintenance.

As a property manager, your goal is to show prospective clients that you are a seasoned professional capable of handling all of the legwork. One way to do this is by creating an online website for your company. With an online presence, you can get discovered by potential customers and nurture relationships with your current clients.

Most likely, you have handed out business cards to your property owners and tenants. Unfortunately, it is also likely that many of them have already misplaced your phone number. If a roof is leaking or a property owner is concerned about a contract change, they need a way to get a hold of you. With a website, your stakeholders can instantly figure out the easiest way to contact you online, in person or via phone.

Another important aspect of getting a website is the marketing potential. Like your property owners, you want to develop a consistent income stream. Ideally, you want to lower your marketing costs while still enjoying the same customer base. With a website, you can market to clients around the clock. The website will appear in search results whether you are at work or on holiday. Each time someone visits your website, you have another opportunity to sell your services.


What Do Property Managers Need in a Website?

At Mettr, we try to keep website design as simple as possible. We charge a low fee for a site that is completed in just 48 hours. Our sites are made with Google-friendly content so that your company ranks higher in the search engines. We also customise the site to your specific service area so that property owners in your area are the people who are the most likely to find your page.

Your website also includes information like contact details, your location and your services. You can list the prices you charge and the options that your clients will have. Through your contact details, you can make it easy for property owners and tenants to get in touch with you about questions or concerns.

In the customer testimonials section, you can show prospective clients your track record of success. The testimonials section serves as a social proof about your achievements and customer relationships. All of this information is important for showing clients that you are a leader in the industry and the best choice for managing their property.

When someone hires you, they are entrusting an expensive investment into your hands. Naturally, property owners want a manager who is an experienced professional. By getting a website, you differentiate your business from every other property management team out there. You show that you are a professional in the industry and committed to achieving the best results for your clients.