Responsive Web Design

When you go to a business, you open the door. If it's hot out, the clerk might open a window or turn on a ceiling fan. The storefront would be completely useless if it was a cookie-cutter box without doors, windows or responsive features.

Photo of mettrr animation

A responsive web design is made around the same concept. You need all of the right doors, windows and adjustments to make your website work for every visitor. On a website, this might mean that the screen size adjusts for different devices. The layout fluidly changes to match a new environment. Web designers use fancy jargon like proportion-based grids and CSS3 media queries to describe this kind of design, but the premise is the same. You wouldn't create a building that couldn't adjust to your needs. Your website is just the same.

Mobile devices are an increasingly important part of search engine traffic. For your company's site to succeed, it needs to work for every visitor. Whether they are using a BlackBerry or a PC, the website needs to adjust for the visitor's device. A flexible, intelligent layout is important for your site. With Mettrr, you can get a responsive web design. If your site isn't perfect the first time, we will do free updates until it is exactly how you want it to be