We Build Websites for Auto Repair

In the last few decades, the marketing world has been completely revolutionized. Decades ago, traditional advertisements ran in newspapers and television ads. Before long, the Yellow Pages are going to complete their last print run. Thankfully, most people get their information online instead of in the Yellow Pages. As an auto repair shop, your business depends on marketing to new consumers online.

People want to know that they are getting a reputable, reliable mechanic. They want to find an auto shop that they can trust. Before someone tries out a new shop, they look through customer testimonials online. The average person trusts online reviews just as much as they trust the review of a friend or family member. If you can position your business as a trusted, reputable shop online, you can bring more customers into your shop.

What Do Auto Repair Shops Need in a Website? 

With more companies creating websites each day, small businesses need a website if they want the visibility and lead generation that they need to stay competitive. A website is a cost-effective way to reach out to potential leads and introduce new visitors to  your company. Once you have a website online, customers can find it through a quick search of the internet.

Mettrr was made to help small businesses succeed in an online world. Since we first started, we have helped many auto repair shops build professional sites and reach new customers. Our team helps you create a professional, affordable site in just 48 hours. As a small business, you need an effective website, but you also need a fast turnaround time. We can help you quickly showcase your top services so that clients can begin discovering what you have to offer.

For your website to succeed, it has to show your clients what you have to offer, where your company is located and how to get in touch with you. Through a do-it-for-me (DIFM) website by Mettrr, you can showcase all of your top services and repair jobs on your services page. Your contacts page will include your phone number, email address and other information for getting in touch with you.

Once your site is finished, it will also include a Google Maps location marker. This marker helps clients quickly navigate to your auto repair shop whenever they are having car trouble. Meanwhile, the service area information on your site shows the search engines where your customer base is located. This information helps the search engines rank you for the correct geographic area.

People want a trusted, credible source for their auto repair needs. To show that you are a reputable source, you can include customer testimonials on your website. These reviews provide social proof that you are the right auto repair company. Once a client knows that you are the best option for them, they can also scan through your services to see how you can help with different repair projects.

You are a leader in the auto repair industry because of your many years of experience. Over the years, you have probably never needed to code a website or add a social media icon. If you need help creating your website, Mettrr offers the website designs and price range you need. Our experience with auto repair websites allows us to tailor the exact site you need in just 48 hours. Soon, you can start boosting your revenue and finding new customers through your company's site.