We Build Websites for Freight Trucking

For your business to succeed, you have to go to where the customers are. In recent years, more and more customers are turning to online resources to get information about companies and products. This trend is only expected to continue in the coming years. If you want to continue growing your freight trucking business, you need an online website to reach those potential clients.

A website is one of the best marketing tools that your business can have. Clients are already searching for freight trucking companies online. By making a website, you make it possible for these clients to find your business. If you include a few tools on your website, you can increase your chances of being discovered.

One way that your website can help with marketing is through your service area section. When Google lists search results, it includes the companies that are within the customer's area and gives them added weight in the listings. If your website includes a section with your different service areas, it is easier for Google to figure out your location. As a result, you are able to rank higher in the search results of consumers and companies within your targeted area.

Another method for gaining free exposure for your company is through Google-friendly content. Google spiders scroll through your pages to look for keywords and terms. This information is then used to determine what your site is about and where it ranks in the search engines. By using the right content, you can make sure that your site ranks higher. You do not have to pay for your rankings, so your improved results essentially advertise your business for free.


How Mettrr Can Help

Mettrr was founded around the idea of helping small businesses succeed in an online environment. Small businesses rarely have the time to design their own site or the budget for an expensive designer. With Mettrr, you get the affordable, professional site you need with a fast turnaround time. From the moment you first call our team to the time you receive your finished site, it takes just 48 hours.

Each Mettrr site is designed with Google-friendly content, service area information, contact details and the company's services. This allows your clients to see the type of freight trucking services and prices that you offer. We have worked with freight trucking companies for years, so we know the type of layouts and content that work best. Your site gets an intuitive, clean layout that allows customers to easily navigate your website.

Once your site is online, it can be connected to your social media accounts and become a part of your current marketing campaigns. Google Maps location markers can help clients see where you are actually located. If you need any revisions, you can enjoy having unlimited updates whenever you want them.

A website helps you reach out to clients online and boost your company's visibility. It gives your clients a way to connect to your business and shows that you are a seasoned professional. If you want to grow your revenue stream and find new clients, creating a website is the first step.