We Build Websites for Moving Companies

If you want your revenue to start growing, a website could be the right choice. In this tech-driven world, companies that lack a website are missing out on potential customers and revenue. With a website, you gain an inexpensive marketing tool that sets your moving company apart. You show prospective clients that you are a professional in the industry and give your customers a new way to reach out to your company.

Fast, Affordable Small Businesses Websites

Mettrr CEO Sebastian Lewis started making do-it-for-me (DIFM) websites after helping his father build a website. His dad was a wall and floor tiler, so he wanted a website to grow his company. As Lewis built the site, he realized that there were very few options for small businesses. Web designers often charged thousands of dollars for their work, and small business owners could not afford the high cost. Meanwhile, basic website builders looked unprofessional and were a hassle for entrepreneurs to figure out.

The solution to this problem was Mettrr. Lewis created a DIFM website company to help small businesses get the affordable sites they need in under 48 hours. With the right features and design, small businesses can begin growing their customer base and revenue.


Get a Minimalist Design

Your website needs to have a minimalist design to look professional. If the page is too cluttered, it will be hard for your customers to focus on your services, contact information or call to action. Minimalist designs also look more professional, so stick to consistent color combinations and a clear layout. With a Mettrr website, this design is done for you.


Showcase Your Services With Optimized Content

Your content matters for a number of reasons. First, Google and the other search engines use your content to figure out what your website is about for search engine rankings. When your site ranks higher in the search engines, you get more website traffic for free.

Your content also matters because it tells your potential clients about the services you offer and what sets you apart as a company. You can also include things like gallery photos so that clients can see the staff members behind your moving services. Through your Mettrr site, you get a gallery page for photos, a home page for company information and a services page for your various services.

At Mettrr, we know that writing content and designing a website takes time and effort. We make the process easy for entrepreneurs by designing the website for you. Over the years, we have worked with many different moving companies, so we know the right type of content for attracting clients and ranking higher in the search results. You do not have to write a single line of code or content to get your finished website. After a 15- to 20-minute call, we handle all of the website creation process.

As a small business owner, you want your company to expand. You need a way to market your services and to beat your competitors. Your website is a key part of your online marketing strategy. It helps to differentiate your business 24/7. With the right website, you can begin growing your company's revenue right away.