Edmonton, Alberta

Website Design in Edmonton, Alberta

Let's face it, it's easy to tell when a website didn't have a lot of work put into it. The second you click on the Google or Bing link, you take one look at the messy design and your trust in the site drops. You know this confused-looking site is not professional, so why should you trust the company?

So you click 'Back' and escape.

This is why having a well-made, reliable website represent your Edmonton business can make all the difference. If your customer does not have a good experience on your business's website, they will not contact your company.

Having a poorly performing website is something all business owners should avoid. But this is especially true in Edmonton, since small business owners in this city pay the highest fees in the region to have an at-home business. In fact, the fees are double that of Toronto and Vancouver.

Mettrr is the best platform to use in Edmonton, Alberta

So, if you're going to invest so much time, effort and capital in running your business, you really ought to make sure it turns into a worthwhile investment. Which is why getting a professional web development company to make your website's online business presence is so integral to a successful business. A properly designed web presence would attract the right people and bring your business more of the right exposure online.

The Importance of a Great Web Design to an Edmonton Business

If designed well, your website will do a lot for you. It will engage your customers, make them aware of your brand and help them make the final decision to book your services. But if your website's design is not both visually impressive and optimized for users, you will deter customers.

Creating your own website with a DIY product might seem like a smart thing to do, but why leave your site to chance? Do you know how to design an industry-specific website with a professional voice? Do you know what visitors look for in a website before finally converting from visitors to new customers? Do you know how to create a site navigation plan that will strategically lead your customers through your website? Do you know how to convince them to make that final, all important decision to purchase your goods/services?

It takes a lot of time to do the research necessary to create a professional website. If this isn't your area of expertise, it's a smart move to leave it to professionals. This service does not need to cost you a fortune, instead Mettrr can provide you with a fully optimized site, as well as providing ongoing monthly maintenance to ensure your site always functions perfectly.

It has become the norm for people to purchase products on their phones, laptops, desktops, or tablets. So your website design needs to both look beautiful and function properly on all platforms. If navigating your website on a certain device becomes too difficult, people will become frustrated and you will lose out on potential customers.

Think of it this way: how many of today's customers bring their laptops everywhere? Not many. How many of today's customers take their mobile phones or tablets everywhere they go? Almost everyone.

This means it's easier for someone to do their shopping while having their morning coffee or look up nearby restaurants during their afternoon commute. So, even if you can design a good-looking website yourself, can you guarantee it will look good on large, medium and small-sized screens? A professional, expert in web design and development would know how to run extensive tests to make your site look right across all device types, delivering a fully responsive design.

Securing reliable website maintenance is just as important as securing the site itself, as your site will have plugins, security features and themes that will need regular updates. If you do not know how to do this, then you need to secure the support of someone who does. You need someone who will fix issues as soon as they arise. If your site has broken links or functionality while a potential customer is using it, you will likely lose out on sales. So, a web development company who also offers web maintenance as part of the package is invaluable.

At Mettrr we take care of everything. Our expert web designers have in-depth knowledge of Edmonton's local culture and business lifestyle and vast experience in making industry-specific sites for small businesses. We can ensure you get a quality website which looks pleasing to the eye and works flawlessly.

Mettrr's services are affordable, professional, and offer free web maintenance with your full website contract. It all starts with a quick, easy, 15-minute phone call to discuss your Edmonton business. After the call, within just 48 hours you will have a fully responsive, fully maintenanced website - allowing your business to grow.