Ottawa and Gatineau

Website Design in Ottawa and Gatineau

Ottawa, Canada's capital, is located within the Ontario province. It is closely related to Gatineau, a province within the French-speaking part of Canada, Quebec.

The formation of the Ottawa area includes Gatineau (as it sits across the Ottawa River) and together, they are known as 'Canada's National Capital Region'. Ottawa is where many parliament buildings reside, so there are numerous government jobs here. Furthermore, Ottawa contains one of North America's primary, advanced tech centers which provides an additional 70,000 tech jobs.

You might not know why a website is so essential for growing your Ottawa business. Like many, you've probably misunderstood that its only purpose is to let people know that your business exists. But a website does so much more than you realize:

Your website should work as a great customer service and acquisition tool; however, it takes a lot of work to do well. Which is why getting a professional website company to build it will save you a lot of time, hassle and capital.

Mettrr is the best platform to use in Ottawa and Gatineau
  • • It engages customers.
  • • It increases brand recognition.
  • • It helps potential customers find important information about your services.
  • • It communicates a professional, reliable image for your business.
  • • It gives customers an easy platform for booking your services or appointments.

If your website doesn't look good or function properly, it will deter customers from making a purchase. So, if you're spending money to develop your online presence, ensure you spend it on a web design company who understands your brand's message and knows what visual design will best suit your industry.

In this busy area where two cities meet, Ottawa's people are always in a hurry. This means they may make purchases or research online during their morning commute, or while waiting in line for their coffee, so your website needs to be responsive to all devices.

Responsive design means that your site will adapt to the device your site is being viewed on. Therefore, it should be both appealing and user friendly on larger screens as well as smartphones and tablets

The Importance of Website Maintenance.

Once you have a first-class website, you're going to need to maintain it. If a site is not regularly updated, it will experience problems. You could have dead links or images which will make your site appear broken. If you don't back-up your data, you may even lose a lot of important information.

Considering how competitive Ottawa's market has become, you likely do not have time to continuously check if any new updates are needed, or to try to fix computer bugs. But busy or not, your website will need ongoing monitoring, and when a problem arises, it will need fixing, quickly.

When it comes to ensuring your site is up and running consistently, website companies who also offer site maintenance are invaluable. Some companies offer maintenance plans for an additional price, which means you'll gain peace of mind in knowing that your business is running smoothly and efficiently online and when your site crashes, this can be a major problem for the reputation of your business as a whole. Especially if it crashes while a potential customer is the middle of using it. At Mettrr we include site maintenance as standard. We don't like hidden costs so we make sure that you wont receive any.

At Mettrr, we offer our professional web design expertise to small Ottawa businesses. We have years of experience in creating excellent web designs for all small business industries. We only require a brief, 15-minute phone call to discuss your company then we get your website up and online within 48 hours and with our included Web maintenance plan, we will also ensure all your website's features keep functioning well so that it can continue bringing your company the new business it deserves.