Website Design in Belfast

Belfast takes pride in its growing, tight-knit business community. Supportive networks are running throughout the city, all willing to share their expertise and experience, and numerous programmes to help start-ups grow. On the downside, in October 2018 Ulster Bank’s research study revealed some of these small businesses were struggling to increase their productivity.

The bank’s research also revealed 90% of Northern Ireland’s small businesses had recognised that they need to use more effective marketing strategies to help their businesses’ grow. However, nearly one-third of that 90% were still doing nothing to change this fact. The bank reported that the main hurdles to small business expansion were a competitive marketplace, a shortage of skills within individual companies, and a lack of awareness among new business owners about how or where to access support.

As Northern Ireland’s capital and largest city (estimated population in 2018: 623,000), Belfast is a vibrant, thriving area which celebrates its uniqueness. The city’s innovative business culture receives support from the strong, social infrastructure government support and accessible transport links. Belfast also has a rich, cultural heritage, and it makes a significant contribution to the local economy by providing jobs and helping its people develop valuable skills.

Historically, Belfast played a prominent role in the Industrial Revolution as the centre of the Irish linen and shipbuilding industries. Living up to its manufacturing heritage, Belfast today performs as Ireland’s major industrial and commercial port. The city also has strong business and legal sectors, which provide the additional steam to the economic engine of Northern Ireland.

Mettrr is the best platform to use in Belfast

In recent years, Belfast’s city centre has seen much improvement, as well as economic and commercial growth, particularly around Victoria Square. This impressive history along with its beautiful landscapes are two factors which are increasing the city’s number of tourists each year. A primary aim in the Belfast Cultural Action Plan (2016-2020) is to create more jobs by introducing new investment opportunities.

Innovative Web Development Services for Small Businesses in Belfast

If you’re looking for ways to increase efficiency for your small business in Belfast, Mettrr can help. We are experts who can provide you with a quality website, tailored to your business. Backed by our expertise in cutting-edge technology, Mettrr’s web creation services make giving your business a fully functional, online platform simple, affordable and possible within 48 hours.

Although we use state-of-the-art technology like AI, we never lose sight of the traditional values of marketing we fine-tune them for the digital era.

There are many benefits our web services can offer your Belfast business:

  • • A design to help you stand out from your competitors.
  • • Increased conversion of site visitors into actual customers.
  • • Increased revenue, bookings and inquiries.
  • • Highly affordable marketing, compared to regular media advertisements.
  • • A website optimised for both mobile phones and larger screens.
  • • Free site maintenance for the duration of your Mettrr contract.

Small businesses can easily improve their effectiveness and their revenue growth. But they need to take advantage of current web-based technological advances to do it. We understand it is time-consuming work.

With Mettrr’s DIFM (do-it-for-me) website service you don't have to know anything about making websites. Mettrr does all of this for you. Your new site will mirror your professionalism and your brand identity. It will establish a bond of trust with your new customers and keep you connected with existing clients.