Website Design in Birmingham

With a population of approximately 1.1 million people, Birmingham is the Midlands’ largest city (as well as the second largest in the United Kingdom). Situated at the heart of the country the city is steeped in history, its streets are thick with a rich and diverse culture.

Birmingham features many travel-worthy attractions: the SeaLife Centre, Wildlife Conservation areas beautiful, spacious historic parks farmers markets and art markets fascinating museums the space centre and the National Exhibition Centre (N.E.C), which hosts many events each year. The city is also well known for its outstanding shopping districts: its heart being the architectural delight that is the ‘Bullring’.

Birmingham is home to six university campuses, colleges and other top schools, such as The University of Birmingham, Aston University, University College Birmingham, Birmingham City University, Newman University, BPP University, and The University of Law. Being such an attractive, bustling hive with so much choice for higher education, it’s not surprising that the student community pours in year-after-year, with 80,000 + new attendees arriving on average during recent years.

Whether local, student or simply a random passerby, Birmingham has a tremendous footfall of consumers and potential clients for every business alike. However, most of them are from the modern generation, so they always go first to the internet to look for an item or a company before making a purchase, which makes having an attractive and eye-catching online presence and website all the more important for getting those extra sales.

Mettrr is the best platform to use in Birmingham

Birmingham city offers high consumer traffic with almost 65% of the population being in the working age category this is an immense customer pool, of which small businesses should be taking advantage and whoever your target audience may be, at Mettrr, our industry experts are specialists who can deliver a unique, quality, content filled website for any business sector and customer bracket.

After a simple 15-minute phone call, we will have your website up and running for you in less than 48 hours and that’s not all: we also offer unlimited change requests for your website, free of charge. Birmingham’s city culture is a constantly evolving hub: we want to encourage that growth. Until you’re satisfied with your business’s online presence, we’re not satisfied. That’s how much pride we have in our websites. Get in contact with one of our agents today we’re just a phone call or email away.