Website Design in Bournemouth

Business in Bournemouth is booming. In the third-quarter of 2017, Bournemouth had the fastest growing employment rate within the UK (1.3%), showing the economic impact of the town’s banking, finance and insurance businesses. Other sectors that have seen major growth recently include public administration, education, health and digital businesses. In 2018, Analysts predicted the fast-paced economy of the seaside resort would grow by 1.5%, putting it at number 10 in the national league table.

Since before October 2018, micro businesses have been springing up across Bournemouth and figures from the Office for National Statistics show that from March 2017–2018, the town’s number of micro-businesses (businesses with fewer than ten workers) increased by 115.

Historically, Bournemouth’s economy was focused mainly on the service sector and the tourism industry. Some of the city’s most stunning tourist attractions include its Victorian architecture, buzzing nightlife, Bournemouth Pier (the town’s seven miles of golden sand), and Bournemouth Gardens. Bournemouth‘s tech start-ups increased by over 200% during 2010-2013. This has led to replacing London as the UK’s fastest-growing digital economy in 2015. Soon Bournemouth’s digital business population will expand even more dramatically.

There are plans to make Bournemouth the first centre in the world to offer an operational, 5G mobile network. As part of its 2018–2021 Capital Strategy and Corporate Asset Management Plan (Build a better Bournemouth), Bournemouth Borough Council has already installed a 5G fiber optic cable system for the area. If the trial goes well, Bournemouth could later become the first UK city with a licence to operate a 5G broadband. This means the town’s innovative digital entrepreneurs will be the first to access high-tech, business opportunities presented by this pioneering technology.

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