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Bradford has a strong industrial heritage with many stunning buildings which date back to the city's beginning, now re-purposed as apartments, shops and museums. Bradford established many advances in workers’ rights, like the practice of rewarding good work, instead of only punishing bad work. Bradford also invented the notion of school dinners. Until 1906, this childhood staple simply did not exist. But the scheme trialled in Bradford was so successful, that it soon became standard policy for near every school across the country

During the Industrial Revolution, Bradford had a thriving textile industry. These days, Bradford is perhaps more famous for its curry, having been judged the Curry Capital of Britain for several years running. The city‘s contributions to the film industry also awarded it the prestigious title of being the world’s first ever UNESCO City of Film.

Amongst the city streets, you will find the beautiful open space of Bradford City Park. There, you may feel like you’ve stepped into a wonderland when you see the mirror pool, with its fountain shooting powerful jets of water, 100ft into the air. Add this to the 100 other fountains nestled within the park, as well as a laser and music show, and you will surely be impressed.

The population of Bradford is on the increase. In its current boom, it is a great place for business owners as more people can equate to more clients and customers. With a great idea, careful marketing, and a good online presence—like the one the team at Mettrr can provide—Bradford offers the perfect base for new enterprises, and excellent conditions for more established businesses to grow and thrive.

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Bradford is a city of two halves. Buildings cram the city centre, and during its industrial heyday, Bradford's air would have been rather polluted. But Bradford sits on the edge of Bronte country, a stunning stretch of countryside, and the famous Ilkley Moor. Its natural beauty takes your breath away back in the day, the workers of the mills would have found it a welcome respite from the city’s stuffiness. Even today, ambling through the greens and soaking in the fresh air is still a wonderful way to spend some time

There seems to be an abundance of creativity in this West Yorkshire city. J. B. Priestley, author and playwright of the stage play ‘An Inspector Calls’ (a text currently a curriculum staple in most GCSE English Literature exams) was born and raised in Bradford. This was what he once had to say about his hometown:

'However poor you are in Bradford, you need never be walled in, bricked up, as folk must be in London. Those great bare heights, with a purity of sky above and behind them, are always there, waiting for you and not very far beyond them, the authentic dale country begins. There is no better country in England.'

Perhaps it is this special mixture of industry and natural beauty that gave the Bradford business community its ever-increasing drive to push forward and expand their horizons. The ability to see the world from different angles is a great skill for any business owner, and we at Mettrr would love to help you realise your dreams and achieve your goals.