Website Design in Brighton

It’s been revealed that most new businesses in Brighton have a high failure rate, largely because of a lack of knowledge among entrepreneurs on exactly is needed to help a new business get off to the best start.

This it’s why so important for small- and medium-sized businesses to get an online presence, preferably one made by a professional web design service. Professional companies don’t just drag-and-drop a website into place they design an online tool. These kinds of websites help start-ups make an impact quickly and help more established small businesses to grow their reputation.

Brighton is a trendy tourist destination. There is a diverse, thriving culture here: of music, art and quirky shopping centres and as one of the world’s first seaside resorts, the city is also the iconic home of Brighton Pier and the Royal Pavilion. Moreover, Brighton’s ICT (Information Communications Technology) and digital technology sectors have been contributing a large amount to the city‘s economic growth, during recent years. Currently, Brighton is even fourth in the UK’s rating for the best provision of ultra-fast broadband.

Brighton‘s entrepreneurial spirit still burns strong. Since 2015, Brighton has seen the beginning of over 2,000 new start-ups. Figures for 2016 showed that up to 61,000 jobs had been provided by over 13,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) based in Brighton & Hove. Not only that, but the city of Brighton also has the highest concentration of people working from home than any other city in the UK.

Mettrr is the best platform to use in Brighton

The Bad News for Brighton’s Small Businesses

The vast majority of Brighton’s SMEs are micro businesses, meaning they employ fewer than ten staff members and even though 2016 saw the launch of nearly 2,500 new small businesses, studies show that more than half of all the businesses previously set up in 2010 failed after only five years.

Brighton continues to create a supportive environment for small- and medium-sized enterprises. In 2018 Brighton, this determination named Brighton the best city in the UK to start a new business.

The experts behind ‘’—who carried out the research—point out it’s the UK’s small companies that provide the backbone to the country’s economic strength. Small businesses additionally contribute a lot to help their local communities prosper. However, they add a cautionary note that many small businesses are 'doomed to fail' because of factors like not knowing how to get their enterprise off the ground properly.

The Brighton & Hove Economic Strategy (2013-2018) also reports the city has one of the best business start-up rates in the country. So, they aim to create more support mechanisms to help the city’s entrepreneurs avoid falling into the usual pitfalls that leading to high levels of failure.

How Mettrr’s web design and development services for small businesses can further help your enterprise to survive and expand

At Mettrr, our web design and development services are dedicated specifically to small businesses. We use innovative technology, to find the best strategies for generating quality leads out of the people already searching online for Brighton-based goods or services, like what you provide.

Other advantages of our website services include:

  • • A website optimised for various screen sizes.
  • • Tailored, localised content for your business sector.
  • • Search engine optimisation (SEO) to make you stand out from your competitors.
  • • Free, ongoing site maintenance and management.

If you suspect your business’s current marketing strategies aren’t doing a good enough job of bringing new leads your Brighton enterprise, you shouldn’t just accept it. Mettrr’s DIFM (do-it-for-me) website creation service for SME’s makes a fully functional, professional business site for you.

Your website is an online presence. It should reflect your brand’s identity and tell prospective consumers: your small business is a quality enterprise.

And it’s here to stay.