Website Design in Derby

The people of Derby are so down to earth that you’ll rarely find them boasting about their heritage. So, few people realise that the Industrial Revolution started here! Nor do many people know Derby (keen on keeping law and order) once had no less than five prisons in their city at one time, two of which today are fascinating tourist attractions. Throughout history, Derby has been at the forefront of philosophy and art, and it’s been home to many pioneers of science and technology. In fact, the first factory in the world (a silk mill) was built right here in Derby!

Transport has always been key to the city’s economy. During the Industrial Revolution, this early focus on creating good road and rail links is partly the reason for Derby prospering the way it has today. Derby has also offered many more employment opportunities since then: its booming silk industry, Rolls-Royce factory (opened in 1907 for manufacturing both cars and aircraft) and its mining industry.

And so over the years, the city has grown into the booming economy we see today. Luckily, despite Derby being a prime bomb target (with its many, vital transport industries based nearby), the city survived both the First and Second World Wars with fairly little damage—compared to some of its neighbouring towns and cities. Some believe innovative radio jamming technologies, decoys and advanced camouflage techniques also played a big part in keeping Derby safe during the fighting.

Unusually, Derby did not achieve city status until 1977, despite its local church, All Saints‘ Church, being declared a cathedral in 1927. This magnificent, Grade1 building is located right at the heart of the town centre and is certainly worth a visit for anybody seeking a moment of peace and tranquillity. If you’re lucky, you may even glimpse the peregrine falcons that have made the cathedral tower their home.

Mettrr is the best platform to use in Derby

With such a rich history and a massive role played in the advancement of science and technology, Derby is perhaps one of the country’s best-kept secrets. Its people areproud of their city, and all of us at Mettrr are in total agreement. There is something extraordinary about Derby: something you simply can’t experience anywhere else.

So it’s no wonder that today we at Mettrr are making it our business to help the many small businesses in Derby to create, maintain and improve their online presence. We use our globally gained experience in website building, and our local knowledge of Derby’s history and culture to create effective websites for you. We know what your town’s people expect to see in the online presence of a true, innovative business.

With Mettrr’s DIFM (do-it-for-me) website service, you can become Derby’s next, best-kept-secret. We make affordable, sturdy websites to best reflect your Derby business’s professionalism and reliability. This will enable your small business to stand out to Derby‘s busy crowd—without the heavy costs of engaging expensive web design agencies.