Website Design in Glasgow

Over the years, Glasgow has left a mark within science, politics, education, culture and commerce sectors. Glasgow’s icons include: the comedian Billy Connolly, football legend Alex Ferguson and famous architect designer and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh. However, the most famous Glaswegian is probably John Logie Baird—businessman, engineer, innovator and inventor of the television. In 2006, Baird was named one of history’s greatest Scottish scientists.

Glasgow’s small business community is continuing Baird’s legacy of innovation and private enterprise. As Scotland’s largest city (population since 2018: 1,660,581), Glasgow is regarded as the powerhouse behind the Scottish economy and as one of the UK’s most dynamic and vibrant economies (outside London), the city is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

However, with hundreds of new businesses setting up shop in the city, competition is fierce. For a small business looking to make its mark within Glasgow’s rich and diverse economy, a powerful online presence is crucial. Without one, Glasgow’s market is too crowded for most new companies to stand out. However, many new entrepreneurs have neither the time nor the skills to set up a professional business website.

Mettrr can solve this problem with its cost-effective website creation services, specifically catered to small businesses.

Mettrr is the best platform to use in Glasgow

Rise of the small business start-ups in Glasgow

Between March 2017 and March 2018, the number of local micro-businesses in Glasgow increased from 15,270 to 15,575. While some people see this fact as a good sign, others are sceptical. Over 80% of these micro-businesses employ fewer than five to ten people.

Professor of Entrepreneurship, Tim Vorley, voiced the main issue at hand: how many of these businesses will survive? He quoted: ‘We need to look at business survival rates and focus on ensuring longevity and growth.’ Mettrr agrees with this assertion, so our company’s main priority is helping micro- and small-sized businesses to not only survive but also grow their companies within this new digital age.

How a Glasgow business can enjoy Mettrr’s website creation services

Our affordable website creation services can give your enterprise an online presence that reflects your brand‘s dependability and professionalism to your customers.

  • • You’ll see your site go live within 48 hours.
  • • A website made with digital marketing and advanced technology expertise.
  • • Ongoing support and website management.

Your website also comes with unique, localised content, written to appeal directly to your target audience. It is well optimised for search engines, so people will have no problems finding you online. Being easy to find through Google searches also helps you generate good leads from consumers already looking for the services or goods your business offers.