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Ask anyone what Liverpool is famous for, and their immediate reply will most likely be: 'The Beatles!'. Everyone knows the band for their music, but what many don’t appreciate is the long-term legacy these four musicians bequeathed to the city’s economy. In 2016—46 years after the group’s demise—it was reported The Beatles were still injecting, on an annual basis, nearly £82 million into the Liverpool economy, all while helping to provide more than 2,300 jobs, in tourism-related sectors.

The Beatles set the world alight under the guidance of their manager, the Liverpool entrepreneur, brand genius, and marketing guru: Brian Epstein. But before discovering The Beatles, Epstein was a typical, local businessman who was running the record department of his family’s music shop in Liverpool. In turning four Liverpudlian lads into one of the biggest bands in the world, Epstein personifies the initiative, creativity, and hunger for success that’s still prevalent among the Merseyside entrepreneurs of today.

But in Epstein’s era, there was no such thing as the internet. Had there been, he surely would have recognised how professional website design services play a vital role in the growth of small businesses.

In 2015, Liverpool was named the UK’s most entrepreneurial city, based on data from Companies House, the Government agency that registers information about businesses and makes it available to the public. The same year, the number of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Merseyside topped the 30,600 mark – a rise of nearly 7% in over 12 months.

Mettrr is the best platform to use in Liverpool

The Beatles’ ongoing multi-million-pound contribution to Liverpool was announced in a 2016 report, which was commissioned by Liverpool City Council to measure the contemporary value the group had to the city. Commenting on the report, Dr. Mike Jones, from the University of Liverpool, said that what The Beatles learned as Liverpudlians they took into the wider world. He declared, 'Their self-confidence and openness to cultural influences remain a vibrant aspect of the life of the city.'

Joe Anderson, the city’s mayor at the time, added: 'We are perfectly positioned to create an environment that promotes enterprise, which will lead to more jobs and more economic growth.'

How You Can Showcase Your Business’s Pride and Passion

In the like of Epstein and his four young proteges, the thriving startup business scene in Liverpool mirrors the characteristics of the city itself: its pride, passion, determination and drive. To feed this ambition for success in today’s digital age, a professional website is essential for connecting with your prospective clients and growing your business. However, many SMEs lack the time and/or skills necessary to establish an effective online presence.

This is where Mettrr comes in. Our websites can speak directly to your potential customers, taking them on a journey of discovery, with their destination being a persuasive call to action, which will generate qualified leads from the consumers seeking your business.

Why choosing Mettrr’s website design services is the best thing for your business?

Your Mettrr website will be a fully integrated, precision-focused digital marketing tool, customised to your business’s individual requirements and goals. It will contain informative content that offers value to its readers and reflects quality onto your brand image and business ethos. It will establish the online and offline credibility of your business and allow your brand to develop a relationship with your prospective and existing customers.

Although largely technical, our website design service for small businesses is supported by a sound understanding of the Liverpool culture and traditional principles of marketing–as demonstrated by Brian Epstein–which we’ve tweaked to for maximum impact and high-grade results in the digital world. Best of all, we can set your website within just 48 hours, as well as provide ongoing maintenance support and unlimited change requests, to ensure that things continue to run smoothly. In the same way The Beatles legacy continues to contribute to Liverpool’s economy, we keep contributing to Liverpool’s small businesses, even after the website is complete.