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Middlesbrough is known as the digital hub of Tees Valley, North Yorkshire. The town is constantly growing and developing. Yet if you stroll around the streets and look around, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful, old Victorian buildings sit side-by-side with sleek, modern office blocks. Each high-tech building contains a wide range of modern, technological advances, while each brick-and-mortar house contains pieces of the town's history. Middlesbrough's architecture is an excellent representation of the way this city blends together its old past and its new future so well.

It’s easy to envision Middlesbrough becoming an even greater business powerhouse over the coming years. Middlesbrough council is currently working out a ten-year-plan to further improve its transport links into, out of and within the main town. The city is also planning a few other schemes, which are aimed to help more businesses move to the area.

Middlesbrough hasn’t always been quite this trendy and vibrant though. It’s hard to believe that only two hundred years ago, this city wasn’t even a village: it was simply a farm. There were only 25 people living there! If not for a Quaker, Joseph Pease, thinking the area a good place to build a new coal staithe, the Middlesbrough that we know today might not even exist.

Middlesbrough’s coal industry is why the town has grown so rapidly from a population of 25 people into a city of 138,400 citizens. The mining industry is also the reason that Middlesbrough has such a large Irish community. During the Industrial Revolution, an influx of Irish workers arrived in the city they needed work and Middlesbrough needed workers. It was a fruitful partnership that lasted many years.

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Spend some time in Middlesbrough and you’ll soon discover the quirky side of the town as you stumble across its many, fascinating sculptures. Two such sculptures, well worth looking at, are Bottle O’ Notes, by Claes Oldenburg, and Temenos, designed by Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond. When the weather is fine, Albert Park’s 100-acre makes a perfect place for a day out. It even has a roller-skating rink and a boating lake. Or you could take some time to explore the magical Fairy Dell, found close to Newham Grange Country Farm.

However, even in bad weather, you are still spoilt for choice with things to do in this city. If the rain starts to fall, you could go to ‘Project Escape’, and try your hand at solving an escape room puzzle, see a play at the Middlesbrough Theatre or visit the Dorman Gallery.

Working with our Middlesbrough clients, we’ve come to appreciate the culture and lifestyle there. There’s this distinct spirit of fun, good humour and famous Yorkshire grit about the town--and it’s this spirit that makes its numerous small businesses so unique.

That’s why Mettrr feels privileged to be help Middlesbrough's small businesses to move forward into an ever-growing digital age. It’s also why we offer a DIFM (do-it-for-me) service: to help your Middlesbrough business get online quickly, and with as little stress on your behalf as possible.

Get in touch today for more information about how our website services can help your brand’s name and customer base grow, with the same speed and tenacity demonstrated throughout Middlesbrough's history.