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The ancient city of Nottingham is steeped in history. Built above an extensive network of caves, you’ll discover the city’s past, both under and above ground. Curiously, Nottingham was called Snottingham originally, after a Saxon chieftain called Snot!

Many large businesses have headquarters in Nottingham, including a wide range of engineering and science companies. The city is a hive of innovation: HP Sauce, Raleigh bicycles, traffic lights, and Ibuprofen were all invented in Nottingham. With such an impressive track record, it’s exciting to consider what other great products will come out of this innovative city in the future.

With so many big industries in the city, all those workers need a good place to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work, and they’re in luck: Nottingham is home to the oldest pub in the world! However, there’s a bit of an argument going on in the city on the topic of which of Nottingham's ancient pubs is the oldest! Three pubs all claim the title: The Bell Inn, Ye Olde Salutation Inn, and Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem! At least, to ensure you’ve truly visited the ‘right’, world’s oldest pub, you’ll have to enjoy three drinks.

Yet even more fun can be had at the yearly Goose Fair, which has been a highlight of the Nottingham calendar for over 700 years. Originally set up in 1284 for the sale and purchase of geese, you wouldn’t be able to buy a goose there nowadays. But you will enjoy the hundreds of rides and stalls that cover the Forest Recreation Ground every October.

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Nottingham seems to have the superlative version of everything! You’ll find the smallest cinema in the world here, with just 22 seats. You can hear the chime of Britain’s deepest and loudest bell, and Nottingham was even the home of Snowball, the world’s oldest guinea pig, who lived to the age of 14 years and 10 months!

Of course, when you think of Nottingham, Robin Hood will quickly come to mind. This outlaw is perhaps England’s most famous folktale. Stories and ballads of his adventures with his merry men have long spread all over the world, making Nottinghampopular with fans of this feisty ‘for-the-people’ hero. You can take a Robin Hood Town Tour or visit the Major Oak, the largest oak tree in Britain where legend has it, Robin Hood and his merry men hid out. With a trunk 33ft across, it’s certainly big enough for someone to hide in comfortably!

Nottingham is a city of inspiration, and it’s the inspiration and drive of its small businesses that is the starting point for everything we do at Mettrr. We help you bring your brilliant ideas to life with a website, perfectly tailored to your requirements, but we also add our own global expertise and in-depth local knowledge of Nottingham's culture to the mix. The result is a website completely designed to drive traffic to your business. We are experienced in delivering fast results, and we’re always just a phone call away.

So get in touch today and let us know your requirements. We at Mettrr enjoy nothing more than making the most of the current digital technologies to help forward-thinking businesses, like those in Bradford, move onward and upwards with their futures.