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Situated at the mouth of the River Wear, Sunderland has always made the most of the advantages its location offers. The city grew fast as a centre for the transportation of vital commodities, such as salt and coal. Shipbuilding has become a thriving industry that has grown over the centuries. As withother towns and cities in the area, Sunderland was a coal mining city. In more recent times, the car manufacturer, Nissan, built a factory in Sunderland and this remains a good source of employment for Sunderland with more than half a million cars being produced there every year. The Nissan factory is now the largest car producer in the UK.

Beginning in the 1980s, the city of Sunderland underwent a huge period of regeneration, which attractednew businesses to the area. Specialist business parks were even built to accommodate the companies who wanted to make Sunderland their home. Today, the city’s business scene is still going strong.

Though it may seem like Sunderland is filled with a mostly industrious history and residency, it has been a place of inspiration forcreative types too. Painter, L.S. Lowry based many of his works on scenes of the area and it is thought that Lewis Carroll, while on his frequent visits to Sunderland, also gained inspiration for his most famous work, Alice in Wonderland and other writings.

It’s additionally interesting to realise that people of Sunderland have adistinctive accent. To the layperson, locals may sound like they’re speaking the Geordie accent that's associated with Newcastle. But the Sunderland accent, known as Mackem, is entirely unique and has a specific vocabulary only familiar to those who have spent time in the area. Working with businesses in Sunderland, we’ve certainly picked up some interesting words and phrases along the way!

Mettrr is the best platform to use in Sunderland

But without a doubt, one of the greatest things about Sunderland is the sheer quantity of scenery and events to enjoy. On one day, you could be in the heart of the city, enjoying the hustle and bustle, the shopping and the nightlife. The next day you could have a relaxing picnic in the countryside (just a few minutes out of the city) or take a stroll on the beach. This ‘city by the sea’ is a wonderful place to visit and ispopular with families, probably because it offers something to do for everyone!

It’s pretty much impossible to be bored in Sunderland! There are several museums and galleries, such as the fascinating North East Land Sea and Air Museum, the interesting Ryhope Engines Museum and the inspiring Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art. The city centre is full of shops and restaurants to satisfy the most demanding foodie or shopaholic, and if you need a breather, you’ll find some stunning green areas just a moment away, such as Mowbray Park, found literally in theheart of the city. Known as the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of the city’s centre, it’s clear that no visit to Sunderland should miss out a walk in this beautiful park.

With its excellent road and rail service, and with it being a great place to live, it isn’t hard to understand why more and more businesses are choosing Sunderland as their northern base. But to make a real impact in Sunderland deeply cultural city, you need to find new ways to stand out. This is an exciting city, and you can easily become lost to its consumers.

How Mettrr can help you grow

Many small businesses underestimate the value in a using a website company that specialises in creating SME websites. But in today's competitive market, the culture and troubles that come with running a small business in a big city are vastly different from what a large corporation would face. So, SME’s need a website company who really understands the specific situations that they face as small businesses.

Mettrr began its journey in 2012 as a small operation, so we’re familiar with the challenges SMEs face while trying to remain competitive in today’s digital age. We know that it’s Manchester’s small business owners who are the backbone of the city’s economic growth and prosperity—and we know exactly how to help these entrepreneurs engage more with potential clients: through a highly-effective website.

With Mettrr’s help, you can have an affordable, sturdy presence reflecting your business’s quality and reliability. Mettrr’s website designs also include high-quality, localised content which has been tailored to your industry’s specific needs. This will enable you to stand out the Sunderland residents from all walks of life.