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Listed among the world’s top 30 cities, Boston today is considered a nexus of education and culture. The city’s regional economy arises from Boston’s eight, internationally recognized colleges and research universities: Boston College, Boston University, MIT, Harvard, Northeastern, Tufts, Brandeis, and the University of Massachusetts Boston. These iconic educational establishments bring up to 350,000 college students to the city each year. These students contribute up to 4.8 billion to the city’s economy.

However, Boston is also a major center for biotechnology, life sciences, and technology companies. Biotechnology, in particular, is a major player in Boston’s reputation. The city boasts up to 30,000 scientists, all working within biotechnology, pharmacy, and clinical research there are also 4 medical schools and 16 teaching hospitals in the area. Unsurprisingly, this means Boston receives the most funding from the National Institutes of Health of all the United States’ cities.

Despite many years passing and the city becoming more high-tech, Boston’s port continues to perform as a major trading and manufacturing hub and Boston’s ‘Route 128 corridor’ is one of the world’s leading tech centers. A great multitude of different industries are based there, such as cancer research robotics, nanotechnology, venture capital, and cloud storage are just some of them. There are also not one, but two Fidelity Investments branches (a financial service business) is located in Boston. One in the Financial District, and another in the Fenway neighborhood.

And let’s not forget how Boston is one of America’s oldest cities and the location of many of significant, historical events. The Boston Tea Party, the Siege of Boston, the Boston Massacre, and the Battle of Bunker Hill, to name a few. This history makes Boston an even more popular city to visit, and its tourists contribute $8.3 billion to the local economy.

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Some of Boston’s tourists arrive to check out the city’s rich literary culture, or to witness performances at the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Tourists are also drawn to Boston attractions, like the Boston Early Music Festival, the Freedom Trail, the Boston Arts Festival, and Harborfest. Boston is also a popular location for small business owners themselves each year, more than 20 million people visit Faneuil Hall Market.

From tutoring businesses to pharmaceutical companies, Boston is filled with countless new entrepreneurs and up to 2,000 start-ups, each wanting to build a successful business. There are countless areas of opportunity to be had in Boston’s economy. But with such an abundance of businesses in the area, getting noticed within its busy marketplace is a struggle. To develop a vibrant business in such a place, entrepreneurs need to find simple, easy solutions for marketing their products and services. An online website allows business owners to speak directly to their customers. These websites can be used for data collection, branding, lead generation and to develop a professional reputation.

Your website is more than just something you ought to have because customers expect it: it is also the best way to market your business online. In the past, people used the phone book or ask for recommendations from their friends to find the right company. Now the majority of consumers go online to research products and services. In fact, it’s been proven that the average person will view an online review from a stranger as favorably as they would a review from their friends. This means small businesses can harness their online presence to spread their testimonials, reach out to customers, and show potential clients what they have to offer.

Mettrr knows the types of websites that succeed in Boston’s unique city culture. We have years of experience building successful websites for small businesses around the world and best of all, we do it in just 48 hours. So, in no time at all, you could start developing your online presence and boosting your brand’s marketing strategy.